Six Things You Can Make Out Of Old Books


There’s no denying the importance of books to human life. Even before technology advancements have begun, books were the means of imparting knowledge to other people. Even now, when most of the old things are slowly declining into the background or into complete nothingness as technology advances, books still found a way to remain. In fact, books can literally change a person’s life. There are countless books that have revolutionized a way of thinking, or sparked a curiosity that won’t subside, or installed a sense of knowing in people. Indeed, with everything books can offer, it remains in modern life.

However, just like any item in possession, too much can turn to clutter. Books can take up spaces that are better used for something else. If you have a lot of books lying around in your home and you have no intention of re-reading them, don’t worry, there are a lot of ways you can recycle books. Aside from donating or selling them, here are some.

1. Book Safe

book safe

Hide your most prized possessions in plain sight by turning one of your books into a book safe. Thick, hardbound books are best used for this since they conceal more items more efficiently. Just hollow out a book as cleanly as possible, avoiding the edges. Make sure you use a very sharp knife or cutter to keep the pages from ripping apart. Once you’re done, keep your valuables inside and tuck the book in a safe place.

2. Notebook Cover

notebook cover

If you want to keep your favourite book passages close to you, you can cover your notebook with the pages containing them. Simply tear out the page or pages and arrange them on your notebook any way you like. Use some Mod Podge to secure them in place then cut out any excess paper that goes beyond the notebook cover. Cover the notebook with plastic cover for extra precautions.

3. Chandelier


Old book pages can make a chandelier that looks great on your room. Cut out circles or any shape you want from book pages. You can then either sew the paper circles together or glue them on a string. Manipulate the strings so that the book page chandelier makes a square when hung and place it over your room’s light fixture.

4. Floating Bookshelf

floating bookshelf

You can also use an old book to store more books. Thick, hardbound books are best used for this too. With the use of an ‘L’-bracket, glue, and some screws, you can then attach the thick book on your wall. Pile it up with more books to conceal the ‘L’-bracket and it will look as if the books are floating.

5. Spine Bookmark

spine bookmark

Every book reader out there knows of the troubles of finding a bookmark. One clever bookmark design is made of the spine of an old book.
If you’re using an old hardbound cover, simply cut out the spine, punch a hole on one end, and attach a ribbon. If you plan to use a softbound book spine, glue it first on a folder to make it firm before punching a hole and attaching a ribbon. Be careful though if you’re using a softbound book. The spine will most definitely tear so make sure you don’t rip it apart.

6. Desk Caddy

desk caddy

You can make a desk caddy out of a stack of old book pages. This would require some patience, though. First off, cut two circular holes on each book page until you have a stack thick enough to fit some pens and pencils in. Stack the pages up and insert a cardboard tube or any kind of cup that would fit in the circles. The cardboard tube should be tight enough that it would keep the pages in place. Put your supplies in the circles and it’s done.