10 Design Ideas for Old Suitcases


Old suitcases may be taking up space in your bedroom closet but before you consider throwing them away, why not use them as decorative and storage spaces in your home? Yes, you read that right. Your old suitcases don’t have to gather dust anymore especially when you convert them into useful pieces that not only add value to your home but also make your space that more interesting.

Here are ten design ideas that you can do for your old suitcases.

1. Wall decors
wall design
If you have several suitcases that are no longer functional, you can use them as wall decors instead. Simply cut the upper portion of your suitcases, install them on a blank wall, add knickknacks on top and they’ll certainly pop out of your walls. You can install them on various heights to make them more interesting. If you’re using different colors, see to it that your wall is painted with only a single color to make your suitcase decors more eye catching.

2. Suitcase table
If you want to add a touch of vintage to your home, you can convert your old suitcase into a table. Use sturdy materials for the feet so you can place other decorative pieces on top of your suitcase.

3. Flowers in suitcases
Another idea that you can use for your old suitcase is to put flowering plants in them. Place your suitcase in the garden, arrange the flowers inside and you’ll have an interesting piece that your visitors will surely remark on. This is perfect too as a decorative piece for your outdoor party.

4. Makeshift nightstand
makeshift nightstand
Old suitcases can be put on top of one another to create a makeshift nightstand. If your suitcases vary in size, place the largest at the bottom to create a sturdy base with the smallest on top. Add a lamp on the top luggage so you can read at night.

5. Bunk beds for pets
bunk bed
Are you looking for a place where your pet dog or cat can sleep? How about converting your old suitcases into bunk beds? Simply remove the cover of your suitcases, add a frame to support another suitcase and place them in an area away from the traffic inside your home. Add a pillow or pet bed so your pet cat or dog can have a comfy place to sleep in. They’ll even make an interesting decoration in your living room too.

6. Craft storage
craft storage
Craft materials such as boards, paste, scissors, ribbons, tapes, beads, and others can make a mess when they’re lying around. Instead of seeing clutter all over the place, convert an old suitcase as storage for your craft materials. Get bottles to store beads, boxes to store excess ribbons, and arrange them inside your suitcase for a more organized look. Seeing your things in order can help you become more creative.

7. Storage bench
Storage benches are great additions to the living room but instead of having to buy one, your old suitcases will suffice. This is another DIY project that you’re sure to enjoy because you only need to look for sturdy materials to use as legs for your luggage, and cushions for back rest and seat. The space underneath the seat cushion can be used as a storage area for magazines or other knickknacks.

8. Bookshelf
Old suitcases can also be repurposed into book shelves. Add shelves to the cover as well as base of the suitcase, place it in an upright position, and add your favorite titles for easy access. You can place your new book shelf in the living room or bedroom for added interest to your space.

9. Planter
For those who have a green thumb and plenty of old suitcases, converting them into planters will be worth it. Fill the insides of the suitcase with soil and plant your favorite herbs or flowering plants and set them up in your garden for a more interesting look.

10. Rolling bar
Large suitcases are perfect for making your very own rolling bar. Install a wooden shelf inside the suitcase, place it in an upright position, add wheels at the bottom and it’s ready to be filled with various glasses and drinks. Just wheel it outside or in the dining if you’re about to serve drinks.