10 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Lamps

Image from PicClick UK

It doesn’t matter whether you just want to get rid of a present you don’t really like or don’t want to add to the already growing number of garbage, repurposing old lamps is actually quite an interesting project to take up these days. Aside from you getting creative, you are also reducing your impact to your surroundings which is actually great.

If you have old lamps on hand, here are some creative ways for you to repurpose them.

  1. Planters. Vintage lamps are actually good as planters because of their ceramic or glass shade. Just remove the bulbs and other components of your lamp, add some ties to hold the shade up, add some cover at the bottom and put soil in it. Add some flowering plants and hang it and you’ll have a new planter.
  1. Use the base as bookend. For those who wish to keep their old lamps but don’t know what other function they can provide you with, why not use the base as a bookend? Just remove any wiring attached to it, clean the base up, or dress it up with other decorative accessories like stamps and the like and use it as a bookend.
  1. Think of a new function. Sometimes, parting with an old lamp is hard to do especially when it has been with you for years so why not change its use? If the base of your lamp is made from glass, adding some colorful glass beads in it and placing it in a bookshelf or mantelpiece can make it stand out.
  1. Find a new base. If all that is left of your lamp is its shade, you can look for old wine bottles or jugs that can be converted into the base of your lamp. Unless you are an expert electrician, let a professional do the wiring instead. Now you get to combine two old items at home and converting it into a new one.
  1. Spray paint. For those with old lamps that are still functional but don’t really go well with the rest of your home accessories, take a bold step and spray new paint on the base. Changing colors for the base can usher in a new look for your lamp and the best part is that you can mix it nicely with the rest of your decorations.
Image from Skinner, Inc
  1. Create mosaic. If your old lamp looks better broken then by all means break it but gently. Use the shattered pieces and transform them into mosaic or garden border to make your outdoors attractive.
  1. Transform into bases. For those with old stand lamps with thick bases, modifying them into table bases is worth considering. Just make sure that you have a pair at least for a more even look.
  1. Use as Christmas décor. Some old lamps have pendants or drops included in them as part of their overall look. If your lamp is no longer functioning, just remove these decorations and transform them into decorations for your Christmas tree or holiday wreaths.
  1. Create bug zappers. Repurposing old lamps for the outdoors is actually a good idea and transforming them into bug zappers is even better. Just remove the base and fill it up with citronella torch oil, put a wick, and you’ll have a lamp that is still working but one that can also keep those bugs away from you.
  1. Donate it. Repurposing does help a lot but sometimes donating your old lamps, provided that they are still working, is much better.