4 Greatest Survival Stories

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Good and bad things always happen, they never cease to co-exist. For some, good and bad things happen right after the other. Which comes first is what’s important. Accidents and calamities happen, it cannot be avoided but sometimes prevented. Some says, that surviving an accident or a calamity is a great premonition of good fortune, some says it’s just luck, some believes in a greater purpose for the event and some just believe it’s time and destiny’s work. There are so many survival stories that have not been heard of and some are too good to be true. Here are some of the greatest survival stories recorded and known.

  1. Antarctica

Douglas Mawson was an Australian scientist of the 20th century. He and two of his colleagues are in a quest to explore Antarctica even though knowing that it is extremely dangerous. One day, the team was trying to return to their base camp when one of Mawson’s colleagues fell into a crevasse together with most of their food, their sledge, dogs and other equipment. The remaining two tried to return to base camp with little food and a little chance of survival. Days came and they ran out of food, so they decided to eat their dogs, leaving them to carry the equipment they still have on them. Mawson’s remaining colleague did not make it and died of the cold temperature and exhaustion. Alone and hungry, Mawson went forth with his journey to the base camp.  Mawson was filled with wounds and frostbites, but he continued to trudge on. After a while of walking, he fell into a crevasse and dangled for a few moments before pulling himself up and continuing his journey toward the base. Upon reaching, he was told that the ship for his rescue has just left a few hours ago, believing he was dead, and will arrive 10 months from departure.

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  1. Wenseslao Moguel

Believe it or not, Wenseslao Moguel survived being shot more than 8 times. Moguel was a Mexican revolutionary and was captured by the enemy on the 18th of March, 1915. He was then sentenced to death through firing squad. Moguel was shot eight times. An intended shot after the first eight shot was then done, this time aiming directly to his head. He survived every shot and was famous for this. He lived his life traveling with the “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not” travelling museum.

  1. Aron Ralston

Aron Ralston’s story was a used as an inspiration to the movie “127 Hours” where he was portrayed by James Franco. Ralston’s story was one of a kind. He was climbing in a Utah canyon, suddenly a loose boulder trapped his arm. He was trapped in the canyon wall for four days. During the fourth day, he realized that he can only survive if he amputates his own arm. He only has a cheap multi-tool and he used this to amputate his arm. He hiked for several miles down the valley floor before he met a family who helped him.

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  1. Bethany Hamilton

Another story which inspired a creation of a movie is of Bethany Hamilton. Bethany Hamilton was 13 year old when she experienced her survival story. She was a competitive surfer. One day, Bethany Hamilton together with her bestfriend and her bestfriend’s dad and brother have decided to all surf together. While surfing, Bethany’s arm except her shoulder was then bitten clean off by a shark. She was bleeding hard, but instead of letting fear get the best of her, she swam by herself to the shore where the others followed her. She was then transported via an ambulance and was taken care off.