7 Ways To Repurpose Old Pallet Boards

IFCO Columbus, Ohio Global Photo Associates

For the longest time, wooden pallets have been associated with heavy duty moving of objects in warehouses and factories. But a resurgence of alternative uses for this versatile industrial board has cropped up in recent times. Pallets are now not limited to factories and stockrooms, it has been spotted in the living room and dining areas of numerous houses. Some have even found themselves in the bedroom with a totally different use than its original intent. If you have pallet boards at home, which you have been meaning to repurpose, then this list is for you.

Pallet Sofa


Who would’ve thought that a pallet board would be a good object in one’s living space? Not only is this useful in transporting heavy products, the pallet have been transformed into a couch, which is a cheaper alternative than buying a sofa set. If you have unused pallets, simply gather around 6 pieces of them and assemble in your living room. Add cushions or foam that is the same size as the board to make the seating arrangement comfortable. Place pillows and you have yourself a new couch for your industrial/rustic-themed apartment.

Pallet Bed


If the pallet board could be transformed into a sofa for the living room, then it could also be recycled for a place of rest in the bedroom. In the same way that you’ve gathered the boards for your couch, get enough of these pallets to form as your bed. You could adjust the size to your liking. Add a sturdy and plush mattress on top and you’re bed is done.

Of course, if you prefer to make a headboard out of the pallets, then it could also be done. Just smoothen the edges with sandpaper to avoid any injuries and add paint to prolong its use.

Pallet Table


For indoor dining tables, you could use to add a metal stand to keep the pallet sturdy and well balanced to hold your meals and dishes. For outdoor parties and coffee table pallets, you could add wheels to the desk so it would be a lot easier to roll out whenever guests are invited over and a functional and chic way to house cocktails and dessert.

Pallet Wine Rack

wine rack

If you are looking for a creative shelf to store your wine collection, look no further. This DIY project is very easy and simple to make and would only take around an hour to complete. Depending on the size you want for your rack. You could divide the board in half or even into quarters. Sand down the edges to smoothen them out.

Belt and Bag Hanger

bag hanger

This versatile board could also double as a hanger for your bags and belts. Nail the board into the wall and add hooks on it where you could hang your stuff in the bedroom to keep things organized.

Hanging Garden


Place the pallet board on a wall in your garden and secure it with a nail. Fill up the vacant spaces with soil and plant some greens. The board would act as a hanging planter for your herbs and plants.

Pallet Swing


Another creative idea for your unused pallet is to make a swing set out of it. Get one board and sand down the edges. Find heavy duty rope and tie on both sides. With the use of a drill, attach screws on the ceiling or roof for your swing, making sure that it’s locked deep and that it is sturdy enough to carry the weigh of the board and a person. Hang the pallet with the use of the ropes and your swing set is ready to use. You could also add a pillow or cushion for your buttocks if you find sitting on the board is too stiff and painful.