8 Foods You Should Avoid When You’re Trying To Lose Weight

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Many people put a lot of effort into getting the right body shape, size, and weight that they want. Many go through the arduous process of regularly working out and of sticking to a strict diet in order to achieve their goal. However, some people prefer to skip the work-out and instead go directly to controlling their food intake in order to lose weight. Completely forbidding yourself from certain foods prove to be ineffective though as doing so will only increase your cravings, leading to binge eating and ultimately, gaining or not losing any weight at all. Although completely skipping out on meals is not advisable, there are a couple of foods which you may have to permanently give up if you’re hoping to shed those pounds. By doing so, you’re helping yourself fend off cravings and hunger thereby supporting your efforts to slim down. Here are some foods you should avoid when you’re trying to lose weight.


White rice

White rice is not only bad for your diet, it’s bad for your health as well. The fact that white rice is quickly metabolised by the body leads it to cause spikes in your blood sugar level. Because of this, you’ll soon feel an energy crash followed by unhealthy food cravings in an effort to get your energy levels back. Apart from that, white rice has fewer nutrients than brown rice. So choose brown rice instead for more nutrients and less cravings.

Whole Wheat Pasta

Brown pasta is definitely more nutritious than white pasta. However, whole wheat pasta is high in carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are digested into sugars in the body so you’ll still be taking as much calories when eating whole wheat pasta as you do when eating white pasta. Opt for spaghetti squash instead for fewer carbohydrates.


Anyone trying to lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle should know that alcoholic beverages are an absolute no-no.  Even average wine drinkers gain up to 2,000 extra calories per month. And since your body will not burn anything else unless all the alcohol has been gotten rid of, you won’t burn any fat.

Frozen Meals

The trick that manufacturer’s do in order to make fresh ingredients last longer in the freezer is by loading them up with sodium, a natural preservative. This is applicable for frozen meals as well as other preserved food items such as canned soup. Sodium is an anti-diuretic which means it helps retain water. Thus, you’ll feel and be bloated, keeping you from feeling and looking good despite your efforts to slim down. Frozen meals are also very high in calories despite the small portion. Because of this, you’ll feel unsatisfied and look for more food even though you’ve already consumed a lot of calories.


Grapes, just like any other fruit, are very healthy so you don’t necessarily have to completely give it up. However, grapes have a high sugar content so consuming some starts a cycle of sugar-cravings that are hard to keep under control. To consume grapes while keeping your blood sugar stable, pair it up with a protein such as a low calorie string cheese.

Multi-grain Bread

Although it may sound healthy, multi-grain breads have been processed, stripped of its nutrients and fibers, leading to a vitamins and minerals deficient food. Opt for whole grain bread instead which is rich in fiber, making it more filling and nutritious for you. Sourdough bread is another healthy option.

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Whole Milk

Whole milk contains a lot of extra fat and cholesterol which is not good for your efforts to lose weight. Instead, go for the skimmed variety to enjoy the taste and nutrients of milk without having to worry about all those extra calories.

High-fiber snack bars

Fiber is essential in maintaining a healthy weight as it efficiently keeps cravings at bay. However, high-fiber snack bars deliver fiber in very large doses. To allow fiber to work efficiently and to prevent an upset stomach, you must consume it consistently throughout the day, not just in one eating.