Tabata Interval Training  – Effective Interval Training for a Supercharged Workout


In today’s time and age where a lot of people are very concerned about their physical health, particularly their weight, physique, shape, and form, you will find many different types of workouts claiming to help maintain these aspects. Some of them promise an increase in muscle mass, some claim to help lose weight, while others are said to be effective on all aspects. One such type of workout regimen that is said to provide different combined physical health benefits is called the Tabata interval training.

A Quick Overview on Tabata

Tabata is a workout program that offers the many of the benefits that cardiovascular or cardio exercises provide. However, there is more to it than just stimulating quick fast loss and improving endurance levels. One of the main differences between cardio exercises and Tabata is the time needed to perform it. When it comes to cardio exercises, the minimum amount of time you have to do them is at least half an hour. With Tabata, you can complete it in just 4 minutes.

The History and the Science that Backs Up the Effectiveness of the Tabata Workout
A lot of people, upon learning that the Tabata Interval Training only takes 4 minutes to perform, would be wary and hesitant to believe that it does work. If you are one such individual, you will be happy to know that there is a science to all of this. Much thanks to the scientific research that Tabata developer Izumi Tabata conducted, it was found to be more effective than moderate intensity workouts.

Dr. Tabata conducted two separate tests. The participants were divided into two; one group of athletes were asked to use the moderate intensity interval training while the second group used high intensity interval training. Those who were in the first group trained with workouts of 70% intensity for 5 days that went on for 6 weeks, with each of their sessions lasting for an hour. The second group trained with workouts of 170% intensity for just 4 days a week that went on for 6 weeks, with each session lasting 20 seconds, combined with 10 seconds of rest.

So what were the test results? Here they are:

• The group 1 participants had a considerable increase in their aerobic or cardiovascular system, but their anerobic (muscular) system achieved little to no results.

• The group 2 participants exhibited significant improvement in both aspects. The improvement in their cardio system was a lot more compared to those in group 1. In addition, they also experienced a 28% increase in their anaerobic system.
What the Results of the Test Say bout Moderate and High Intensity Workout Training Programs

The test that Japanese scientist Izumi Tabata conducted showed that high intensity interval training has a much bigger impact on the aerobic system than moderate intensity interval training. The test results showed that high intensity workouts are more effective in increasing the heart rate and the metabolism rate, as they require the body to work a lot harder in just a short period of time. This then results in much more efficient fat burning and weight loss potential.

tabata 2

In addition to the cardiovascular benefits of high intensity interval workouts like the Tabata Interval Training, these workout programs also benefit the anaerobic system. This is simply because of the fact that Tabata is a combination of exercises, some of them being aerobic exercises while others being anaerobic exercises. Anaerobic exercises are those that make use of the muscles, such as deadlifts, high impact strength training, and squats. These activities work many different muscle groups, providing exceptional full body movement.

So in conclusion, the Tabata Interval training is not only for those who want to lose weight the natural way. It is also a great option for those looking for a much more effective regimen designed to improve not only core strength and the cardiovascular system, but the muscular system as well.

Other Great Features of the High Intensity Tabata Workout Training Program

There are many other great features that the Tabata workout training program offers, which is why a lot of people find this to be the perfect regimen for their daily exercise routine. So if you are still wary of giving this particular high intensity training program a try, just take a look at its other great features and you are sure to be interested in it.

Great as a Morning Workout Regimen – Since Tabata Interval training raises the metabolism rate, you can use it as your daily morning workout regimen. Aside from helping you burn fat and lose weight, your increased metabolism rate will go on throughout the day.

Immediate Results – You may be hesitant to believe that 4 minutes of exercises will do much good to you. This may be true for other types of workout or training programs. However, since Tabata involves 170% intensity workouts, your body will have to work really hard so that it can cope up. This then leads to immediate results.

Versatile and Flexible – Unlike many other workout programs that limit or restrict you to certain exercises, you can customize or come up with your own Tabata workout design. You can incorporate any type of aerobic exercise (such as stationary cycling, rowing, or running), anaerobic exercise (such as deadlifts, high impact strength exercises, or squats), and other regular exercises (such as sit ups, running in place, alternately walking slowly and quickly, or jump roping).

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Basic Training Design of Tabata Training

As mentioned above, the Tabata training interval program consists of a few seconds of rest. Also, you can incorporate any type of exercise into this workout program. To help prevent you from getting confused on how your Tabata training should be, the basic outline should look like this:

1) the entire session should last for only 4 minutes,

2) each of the high intensity exercises should last for 20 seconds,

3) don’t forget to rest for 10 seconds in between each interval, and

4) make sure to perform a total of 8 rounds or sessions of the workout.