6 Hairstyles For Summer

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Summer comes only but once a year. Everyone waits for summer’s arrival. This is the time for beaches, swimsuits, basking under the sun, summer love stories and cute hairstyles. A certain summer hairstyle can either make or break a day of your summer. There are lots of hairstyles you can choose from for summer and as summer is drawing near and closer, you can practice them while waiting. These hairstyles will be perfect for a day in the beach or just a walk in the park with your dog, especially if you have the perfect outfit to pair it with. Here are some of the hairstyles you can do for summer.

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  1. Fishtail Braid

Summer is the perfect time for a messy and grungy braid. A great braid to try is the fishtail braid. This is great for that second day hair, for it will be easier to do the braid since your hair is not at all slippery. Spray on dry shampoo to your roots to remove the oil and to add a little volume.  This hairstyle works well with medium to long length hair.

  1. Ponytail

During summer, there will be days where it can be so hot and everything that comes in contact with your skin can make you feel uneasy, especially your hair. Imagine on the beach and you are wearing your favourite swimsuit but your hair makes your back all sweaty. One solution is to tie your hair up in a high ponytail, curl the edges and make it loose. It will keep your hair out of your face, back and it will also show your swimsuit. This hairstyle works with medium to long length hair.

Image from Harper’s Bazaar
  1. Pixie

A new hairstyle and haircut can also be a great idea for summer. You can try a pixie cut, which is great for a hot day. This hairstyle also saves up on shampoo, conditioner and preparation time. It is a great hairstyle for the on the go girls. People say that the Pixie cut is a hard look to pull off, actually it is not, you just have to know the right length for the shape of your face, the right areas needed to cut and how to style it. In the end, it’s how you show yourself that will make it look good.

  1. Curly Pigtails

Nowadays, straight hair dominates the hairstyle game. But curly girls can also compete. If you have small major curls, you can pigtail your hair into two parts and loosen the curls a little bit, making it look carefree and kept at the same time. You can wear this hairstyle with almost any outfit and make it work. This hairstyle works best with short to long curly hair.

Image from Marie Claire
  1. Chunky Top Knot

If you are a hair bun kind of girl but you want it to look a little classier and kept, you can try a top knot. Tie your hair with a piece of elastic into a high ponytail. Wrap your hair around the tied part of hair to create a bun or a knot. Secure with lots of bobby pins. The trick is to secure the flyaway hair pieces along the hairline with hairspray and let the bun be. Clean the hairline areas and the base and leave the bun messy to achieve that slightly messy type of top knot. This hairstyle works well with medium to long hair.

  1. Milkmaid

The milkmaid hairstyle never goes out of style. It is easy to do as well. Separate your hairline into two parts. Braid each part until the end. Wrap the braided parts around your head, securing it with bobby pins. Hide the bobby pins and the ends under each braid. You can pull out a few strands of hair in front of your face for a more carefree look. This hairstyle works best with long length hair.