7 Of The Most Beautiful Islands In The World

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One of the many wishes of people filled with wanderlust is to visit an island where they can fulfill their craving for adventure and new sights. Islands are not only wished upon by those who want to travel, but also by those who simply want an escape from the never-ending rush within the walls of a city. The beauty of islands brings about dreams of paradise—rustling palm trees, stunning white sand, and serene azure seas. There are many different islands all over the world and each is unique and beautiful in its own way. Truly, islands are one of the ways in which Mother Nature boasts just how stunning she is. Here are seven of the most beautiful islands in the world.

  1. Maldives

The Maldives is known to hold some of the most stunning islands in the world. What makes these islands truly stand out is the luminous blue sea that dazzlingly shines with crystal clarity. The archipelago of the Maldives is made up of a total of 26 natural atolls. Underneath the surface of the ravishing waters, the coral reefs flourish, bringing joy to snorkelers and divers from all around the world.

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  1. Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands consist of an archipelago of volcanic islands. What makes the Galapagos simply beautiful is the fact that it houses a large number of endemic species. The giant tortoises, for example, which are endemic to the Galapagos Islands, are one of the main reasons why the islands are so famous.

  1. Santorini

One of the most famous islands in Greece is Santorini which caters all types of travellers from all around the world. It is the perfect spot for couples to go on a romantic journey, for foodies to enjoy the delicious flavours of the Mediterranean, for beach bums to relax in the island’s beautiful red sands, and for history-lovers to explore the remains of Akrotiri and Thira.

  1. Bora Bora

Bora Bora boasts a stunning volcanic island shaped like a huge sombrero set in the beautiful ocean of the South Pacific. Within the crystal clear azure waters, you’ll find an array of aquatic animals including sharks, rays, fishes, and turtles swimming about. You don’t have to worry about the food either—the mouth-watering French cuisine will surely be up to your par.

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  1. Bali

Bali is definitely the place to be for those who are hoping to unwind. Striking mountains line its gorgeous skyline along with the pointed pagodas throughout the island. Here you can explore the ancient temples, relax on one of its many beaches, or play with the beautiful Sumatran elephants. Enjoy the Indonesian culture as well through the traditional and modern dances, sculptures, music, painting, and more.

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  1. Palawan

If you picture out paradise in the South East, you’re probably picturing out Palawan. Palawan is a beautiful island with stunning limestone peaks rising up from the crystal blue waters. These little islands are filled with rustling palm trees and its borders are fringed with gleaming white sand. Beneath the water, stunning coral reefs flourish, housing a variety of tropical fishes, luring in divers from all around the world. Apart from that, you’ll find the simple fishing villages, the diverse wildlife, and the emerald lakes a joy to explore.

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  1. Fiji

From the sight alone, you’ll definitely find Fiji a stunning island that offers beautiful scenery. However, there’s more to this small island than that. Here you can take a hike to the volcanic Mamanuca Mountains, go diving or snorkelling with the vast number of colourful fishes, or visit the boutiques of Suva to find something that will suit your style. The white sand beaches and the abundant coral reefs coupled with the translucent azure waters will surely bring you joy and relaxation.