7 Reclaimed Wood Projects

Image from Nice Headboard

There is something about wooden furniture and items that make them look so elegant and rustic at the same time. Wood has long been used to create household items that are not only efficient but cost-effective as well. In fact, if you make wooden projects using recycled wood, you might not have to spend anything at all. Wood is very cheap and easy to acquire. This natural material doesn’t harm the environment either. By making projects out of recycled wood, you can create a beautiful addition to your home for little to no cost which you can customize according to your preference. There’s no limit to the kind of items you can make as well. To give you some idea, here are seven reclaimed wood projects you can try out.

Image from JHE’s Log Furniture Place
  1. Nightstand

A nightstand made out of reclaimed wood is very rustic and charming even though it has a simple design. Make the drawers and the stand separately then fit everything together. Also, make sure that the type of wood you use will fit the general theme of your home or of the room you plan to put the nightstand in.

  1. Headboard

It’s incredibly easy to make a stunning headboard using reclaimed wood. Specifically, you’ll need wooden panels to make the headboard. Stain the wooden panels a darker colour if you wish then sand them. Create a distressed design on the wooden panels to achieve a rustic, romantic look that will definitely make your bed look even cozier. Set them up vertically side-by-side to finish your unique, rustic headboard.

Image from JaminPeterArt
  1. Wood Art

If you want to add a rustic charm to your room, you can do so by hanging up an artistic wall piece made of wood. Create the frame and the art itself using a bunch of reclaimed wood with different textures and different colours. Create a pattern out of the variety of the wood you’ve acquired then just hang it up on an empty wall.

Image from Pinterest
  1. Coat Rack

A reclaimed wood coat rack is perhaps one of the easiest ways you can recycle wood. All you need to do is make a wooden base then attach some pegs into it to hold your coats and such. To make the coat rack more unique, paint tree trunks onto the wooden panel that serves as the base then use real twigs for the pegs. This will make it seem like the branches of the tree trunks are projecting out of the wooden panel, giving you a means to hang your coat.

Image from munro-inn.com
  1. Bookcase

You can never go wrong with a bookcase made from reclaimed wood. The bookcase doesn’t necessarily have to be big—you can make a small bookcase just for the side of your bed or couch. Make sure the shelves are sturdy and that they can hold the weight of the books as well as other trinkets you might think of adding to the shelf. Now both your books and bookshelf are practical products of trees.

Image from scoutmob.com
  1. Wine Rack

If you want a very classy way to display some of the wine from your wine collection, you can make a wine rack specifically for display out of reclaimed wood. Basically, you just have to add a couple of shelves to a wooden panel as well as two extra-long screws to keep the wine in place. You can even use chalkboard paint to label the wines.

Image from Etsy
  1. Wood Clock

A few pieces of wooden panels, even those from a wood pallet, are sufficient enough to make a rustic clock. Make a square out of the wooden panels then paint the numbers 1-12 in a circle, just like a clock. Attach the clock mechanism from a salvaged clock at the back of the wooden panels then attach the arms at the front. You can even paint the wood with vintage colours such as navy blue to make the clock even more eccentric.