Unique Ideas To Recycle Old Wine Bottles For Your Home


If you love drinking wine and enjoying it with friends, chances are you may have a stack of used wine bottles in your storage that you have absolutely no idea how to dispose of. But before you throw the old bottles into the garbage bin, why not find ways to recycle them for a different purpose? Aside from helping out Mother Earth in the process, you never know what treasure and trinket you could come up with the use of a simple bottle. Just simply add paint, glitter or twine and you could have something unique to spice up your home.

Wine Bottle Chandelier
1 chandeliers

This decorative recycle idea is great especially if you have bottle of similar shapes and sizes. Putting this in your kitchen or dining area is one way of sprucing up your home. Set aside bottles of the same size and color, or at least two different colors and hang lights from the inside of the bottle. You could use a glas- cutter to make a hole from the bottom area or even simply breaking it as the jagged edges could add some style into the design. Just make sure that there are no pieces about to fall off and voila, you have your very own unique chandelier.

Outdoor Torch
2 outdoor gas light

Want to add a bit of light to your outdoor party or patio? Then this idea is perfect for you. Simply add kerosene or any fuel-based lighting kit to your used bottle then seal. Clamp the bottle firmly to a wall in your patio and light up.

Rustic Flower Vases
3 rustic flower vase

This is a good centerpiece for your kitchen or dining table. You could use any colored yarn or even twine for this project. Just have a glue gun handy so you could ensure the yarn does not fall off from the bottle. Beginning from the bottle’s bottom, wrap the twine around the bottle and continue around it until no part of the glass could be seen anymore. Secure the yarn in place by using the glue gun to stick the ends to the glass. Simply add fresh flowers and your vase is ready for display.

Wine Bottle Shelf
4 wine bottle shelf

This project would require more equipment than just your average bottles. Select bottles of the same height then get scrap wood or wooden planks that are not too think nor too tick. Get the bottle and measure the circumference of the neck on the plank. After doing so, start making four holes in the plank with the use of a drill (or the help of a professional) and once done, insert the bottles into the plank to secure it. Finish your work with varnish and your shelf if good to go.

5 terrarium

Get an old wine bottle and break it in half vertically. If you want a more polished look, use a glass-cutter to break it finely. If your prefer it rustic, simply breaking it would do. Fill up the bottle halves with soil and add succulents on top to finish off the project.


Select the bottle and clean it. You could retain the label in front or you could remove it completely, either way, the vintage look would look great. Add thin candles on the hole and arrange it in the table. Best to use bottles of different heights to achieve the candlelit-dinner look for your party.

8 lamp

Cut a hole on the bottle’s bottom for the wiring to go through. Make sure that you know a thing or two about wiring and electricity. Otherwise, get the help of a professional. After which, attach a bulb holder at the bottle’s neck where you would add the bulb after. Get a used shade and place on top of the bottleneck and your lamp is ready to be switched on.